Our values of transparency and confidentiality

The values ​​of a company are moral and societal principles on which the company is based to evolve and make strategic decisions, they reflect its vision. PhInc. Modeling vision is directly inspired by the principles and professional ethics that have bound the 4 co-founders for almost 20 years.

PhInc. Modeling really makes a point of respecting basic ethical guidelines, starting with its commitment to:

  1. Providing the right level of interpretation of analyses that the company performs and making sure that they are fully understood
  2. Delivering effective advice and results to our clients in a strictly fair, transparent and confidential manner
  3. Limiting overall exposure to investigational medicinal products for subjects participating in preclinical and clinical studies
  4. Being, in our daily practices, compliant with the applicable guidelines (EMA, FDA, ICH, GCP) and quality control practices
  5. Anticipating and declaring any conflict of interest that might occur

The transparency of our R&D activities, means, for us, having the possibility to justify  our choices (methodologically and scientifically), to ensure the accuracy and precision of our analyses and their traceability.

The team spirit within the company is based on open-mindedness, kindness, well-being at work and gender equality.

Promote translational sciences

In our experience, the programs that have most highlighted the therapeutic interest of a drug candidate, are those which successfully:

  • Develop reciprocal relationships between basic and clinical research
  • Bridge the gap between quantitative sciences and clinicians

That is why we aim to find the right balance between the gold standard of clinical RCT (Randomized Controlled Trials) and Modeling & Simulation approaches which, on the basis of preliminary and/or sparse data, help to optimize trial designs and make critical decisions early in the process.

PhInc. is also an active player in disseminating the practices and the use of M&S through the organization of conferences, symposiums and events within professional associations.

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GMP - Groupe de Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique